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Rough Waters SUP Challenge at the Hurley30 Paddle sports Festival


This obstacle-packed race is set out over a one-kilometre course, where your goal is to conquer the mayhem and work out how to get around… For some, that will be as quick as you can go and for others, just completing the course will be challenge enough. This is ‘adventure racing for SUP’. Think it will test all your skills? Here’s a talk through the route…


Jump to the board for a racing start and head out with the flow downstream before hitting ‘The Launch Party’ where you need to dance, jump and run through a series of must-make platforms — this will get you warmed up! From there, your heart will be pounding as you race down to ‘The Grand National’. Just like the horse version there will be 16 fences for you to negotiate, but some you will go over and some you’ll go under.

As you leave the race course and around the corner, ‘To Hell and Back’ is beckoning. This is as challenging as it sounds, as here you thread the line in a series of bank-to-bank crossings. Turning back towards the weir, now you’ll race up to ‘The Transition’ – a 200-metre walk, jog or sprint, but be careful as right in the centre is ‘Transition Trauma’. It’s our only land-based obstacle and involves getting down and mucky.

Re-enter the water at ‘The Bathing Pool’ and against the current through ‘Swallows and Amazons Stream’ before venturing into ‘Swish Slalom’. Like any slalom, this is all about getting through the gates as quickly as possible but save some energy for the last obstacle.

Into the current and back to the event site, you’ll see ‘The Ramp of Doom’. Ascend as quickly as your legs will carry you and tag out to finish. You’ll know how it got its name when you try it!

Groups of six are selected randomly, and the winner is the fastest person to complete all the obstacles fully. Board length 11ft maximum.

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