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red paddle coReview by Timmy Norris

New to the Red Paddle Co range, the 11ft Sport really stands out on its own.  Feeling the difference from the larger Race or Explorer and smaller Ride, this board delivers the best of both worlds.  On flat water the Sport can keep up with the 12.6ft Explorer with ease, but handles chop and surfs more like the Ride.  Smooth rocker lines allow the Sport to really glide nicely and efficiently, with the square tail giving a larger feel and increasing stability. 

red paddle 11ft sportFor its size, the 11ft Sport was quick and easy to inflate – especially with the 2015 Titan pump. It only took four mins, tops! With the now standard Red Paddle Co handle set up, the Sport is light to carry and every trip to the water’s edge is easy. Launch and go; the board’s name becomes clear – the Sport gets up to speed with only a few strokes. It’s a SUP that really rewards any extra effort you put into paddling and eats the miles with ease.

Red’s patented RSS (Rocker Stiffening System) battens give the Sport a surprising amount of stiffness. Red Paddle Co really push ahead with the development of inflatable SUP’s and you can feel this with the Sport’s performance. Putting the hammer down, the board just asks for more – cruising at a surprisingly high speed, matching 12.6ft boards no bother.

Tracking through the water, the single standard fin was good and the grippy deck pad really gives confidence through choppier sections – it handles the chop well! Stepping back instantly loosens up the feel, allowing tight 360 turns on the flat or down the line surfing if there’s a bump knocking about. At 30’’ wide the board inspires further confidence and stability, giving performance we all want.

As stated, the Sport can cope with small surf but, like most larger inflatables, any wave with power will take the control away from you. Thinner rails maintain some grip and perform well in small gentle surf but if you are looking for more dedicated surf performance with the convenience and durability of an inflatable, then the Red Paddle Co 9.2ft Surfstar is a board to consider.

Red have really put a lot of thought into their bags in the last few years and it’s no different here. The new wheel and padded back straps system (which can be stored for transportation) is better than ever, working effortlessly in any situation. Everything folds away neatly, with the Titan pump slotting in. This makes Red’s Sport 11ft the ultimate cruiser/all-rounder board for any location, near or far.

As always, Red are spot on with this board – the performance will suit the average SUPer well, yet keep up with the big boys when it counts. With Red the leading designer and manufacturer of iSUPs, standards have been met again. With the quality expected from a top iSUP company, this board will suit the masses; whether you’re into coastal and inland water, eating the miles or messing about in small waves.

Further info: www.redpaddleco.com/blog/board/11-sport/

Price: £789.00

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