Anyone Can: Extraordinary Adaptive Adventure

Say hello to Chris and Vicky Binks, a husband and wife team who run Anyone Can

By Jo Moseley

Making SUP more accessible to more people is one of the key interests of this column. I was delighted to discover Chris and Vicky Binks, a husband and wife team who run Anyone Can, an adaptive guiding service offering support and equipment to access remote natural environments for those with a disability. Their goal is to make watersports more inclusive of people living with a disability. This might be those with communication, cognitive, visual or mobility needs. 

Having worked in the outdoor industry for many years, they realised that adaptive experiences were often limited to the provider’s fixed venue, taster sessions or run by non-specialists. They wanted to create more opportunities. So with no fixed site and with systems in place that will work anywhere, they can offer paddling in many different places, including the Lakes and Scotland. ‘Adventure without ceilings adapted for all’ is their goal. 

As well as offering opportunities for individuals and their families, Anyone Can also offer Adaptive Leadership Training Courses to SUP clubs and businesses interested in providing opportunities to their members and clients so that more people can benefit. 

For more information, contact Vicky and Chris at

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  1. Steven Nelson // June 21, 2023 at 6:58 am // Reply


    Would love to get together with folks and have a chat about all things inclusive outdoors adventures


    Steven Nelson
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