Behind the scenes: Pete Tranter quick fire interview

Peter Tranter is the aesthetics maestro behind SUP Mag UK (and sister publication The Paddler). Although Pete never really seeks the limelight we couldn't put the mag together without his superior expertise as designer. Without Pete's creative skills the mag wouldn't fly and therefore thought we should put him under the grillon him for a change
Pete Tranter SUP Mag UK designer

Years as a designer:
Years working around paddle sports publications:
First design gig:
In at the deep end as the lead designer on Canoe Focus magazine for the BCU.
Fave part of being a designer:
Taking something like a Word file and bunch of photos and turning them into the finished magazine product – very satisfying.
Fave project you’ve worked on (or are currently working on) as a designer:
Probably the Minardi F1 brochures and website from 10 years ago.
Tools of your trade:
Adobe CS Collection, QuarkXpress.
Creative inspiration:
Neville Brody
Design ambitions:
With the planet now such a connected whole, maybe working from a warmer climate in the winter months – I can do my job anywhere as long as I have broadband connection.
Time spent away from your Mac:
The last two and half years has seen precious little of that. However, running and cycling are high on the list, giving my GTR a spin plus of course paddling.
Fave tipple that gets the creative juices going:
Coffee, coffee and coffee.
Fuel for the job:
Love soups and recently been having veggie days with Quorn and Tofu.
Post project/job treat:
Long walk with the dogs on the Norfolk coast followed by a big juicy full bodied bottle of Shiraz for laters.
My koi pond
SUP appeal:
it’s the freedom to be outside of the cockpit of a kayak
Final shouts:
Anne and Aidan who show me remarkable patience and to all those paddlers and advertisers out there who support SUP Mag UK and The Paddler – thank you!

Huge thanks to our advertisers

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