Blast from the past – Maui & Sons 10ft iSUP

Maui and

For those of a (traditional) surfing bent, the name Maui & Sons may spark familiarity from back in the day. During the late 80s and 90s Maui & Sons was an ever familiar sight at surf spots around the world. Having switched focus, the brand with the Maui and sonsshades wearing shark (for those who remember the logo) Maui & Sons is now back – this time with a range of inflatable stand up paddle boards in tow.

We managed to get our grubby mitts on their 10ft x 30” – intrigued pretty much sums up the feeling as we unboxed it. Out of the packaging and it was a pretty standard looking iSUP. Inflating was easy enough with the included pump, and once blown up it was simply a case of attaching the fin and heading out.

On the brine the Maui & Sons 10ft sits quite low in the water and as such the ride is a planted and locked in one. Stability is good, the deeper seated glide helping keep tentative sweepers from taking a tumble, and tracking/glide is efficient once up to speed. The 10ft’s forward thrust is admirable although you’re never going to win races; but that isn’t really the point. As an all round cruiser it’s a decent platform which will allow early intermediates to advanced SUPers a plug ‘n’ play toy for a variety of different situations. Whether you’re local spot is coastal or inland, the Maui & Sons inflatable is applicable for the majority’s idea of SUP fun.

Maui & Sons are an iconic surf brand that have now crossed over into the world of stand up paddle boards. Their 10ft all round sled is a balanced and well-mannered craft that suits a variety of different disciplines. Feeling extremely planted on the water, its stable glide is confidence inspiring for those new to the sport or a forgettable (in a good way) board for more experienced paddlers searching for a fun cruising toy.

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Price: £699 (comes as complete package with paddle, pump, bag and board)

Maui and sons

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