SUP: Boost juice – Pure Recharge smoothie mix review

Pure Recharge coco-banana-2We spotted Pure Recharge’s natural smoothies a while ago and were intrigued to try the brand’s potions for ourselves. Coming in various flavours and manufactured in the UK by a passionate couple who want to encourage better foody relationships – including fig and goji berries, coco banana and strawberry passion – these cereal based concoctions certainly sounded tantalising.

After speaking to the makers we understand the manufacturers say Pure Recharge smoothies act as a meal replacement with the added benefit of boosting energy. They’re not an outright energy drink as we currently know them. 

On two occasions we used the Pure Recharge formulas before heading for a float. Mixing with almond milk, banana, and blending, as per instructions, we were rewarded with a flavoursome nourishing liquid that was like a silky breakfast in a glass. After a few minutes we certainly felt energised and ready for action.

Having indulged in one particularly long paddle surfing session we utilised the third smoothie mix to help with recovery. It certainly did the trick and having had a chill out period we were positively bouncing off the walls again.

But Pure Recharge smoothie mix pouches aren’t just for those who indulge in strenuous physical activity. If you’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle then Pure Recharge claim their wares will help with a balanced diet. Or, if you’re a busy type – let’s be honest, we all are – they also fit the bill. And as a simple tasty breakie alternative we can’t fault either.


Fresh, tasty and a great way to charge up for a paddling session or give yourself a boost for post-SUP recovery Pure Recharge’s smoothie mix packs are a yummy little pick me up. If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast alternative or natural product to aid stand up paddle training then you’d do a lot worse than getting involved. As a base, PR mixes can be used to put your own twist on things. We were told to substitute banana for strawberries to lower sugar or add spinach to inject some green.

Price: £10 – £48


Drop by the stand when you see the PR guys at 2016 SUP events.



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