BSUPA 2015 National SUP Surf Championship report from Nick Hepworth (Blu Wave SUP)

Nick Hepworth from Blu Wave SUPs was on hand at the BSUPA Watergate National SUP Surf Champs at the weekend. As one of the comp sponsors he got to witness all the action first hand. Here’s Nick’s report with pics from Bob Berry, SUP North, Joe Thwaites (Loco) and BSUPA.

Watergate Bay, Cornwall, October 10 and 11.

Well here we go, surf forecast looking good for the weekend so we are all hoping for epic waves!  The swell delivered, chest high conditions but maybe if we are being picky, too much wind and closing out, but we had clean surf.

Watergate Bay 2015


Saturday’s heats started early with a lot of people on the beach watching and even more in the water enjoying the long awaited surf. Alex Murray, in my opinion, was leading the way, completing great turns, floaters and cut backs, making it all look smooth and easy.

The quality of SUP surfing was excellent in all categories, the new talent coming through in the under 16’s is looking very promising for the future.

Pic Bob Berry 2

Glyn Ovens. Pic: Bob Berry

As a manufacture is was great to see so many top quality brands, not just the normal names but new emerging brands, showing you don’t have to be a mega company to create stylish, responsive boards.

The swell on Sunday had dropped a little but there was still plenty of waves to keep competitors and free surfers happy. I personally had a great session with the Jimmy Lewis boys at South Watergate with the waves just holding up a little more than in the contest area.


Juniors .       Ollie Laddiman 1st , Blue Ewerton 2nd, Guy Bridge 3rd                                                     Very closely fought in testing, closing out conditions and the decision could have easily gone to any one of the boys. Really good surfing but Ollie just made a few extra turns and manoeuvres and deservedly won the title.

Ollie Laddiman Pic Joe Thwaites

Ollie Laddiman. Pic: Joe Thwaites

Ladies.         Teena Beresford 1st, Holly Bassett 2nd, Georgia Page 3rd                                                         A bit of controversy with the ladies final, which is a shame in some ways as once again the quality of surfing was superb. However due to a couple of interference issues, therefore points deducted, the leader board changed. But let’s not take anything away from Teena, she surfed like a true champion and deserved the title.

Pic Bob Berry 3

Marie Buchanan and Abi Barker-Smith. Pic: Bob Berry

Men’s.                   Matt Barker-Smith 1st  , Alex Murray     2nd , Glyn Ovens 3rd                                                           Matt started with a couple of high scoring waves and didn’t look back, how he generates so much speed is beyond me. Alex so unlucky not a score a 360 but the waves didn’t fall for him today. Glyn surfed brilliantly but just couldn’t get the high scoring waves needed. So Matt became the National Champion for the 3rd time – a well-deserved winner.

Pic Bob Berry

Mat Barker-Smith. Pic: Bob Berry

So all in all a great weekend with high quality surfing, well organised by Richard Marsh and BSUPA. An excellent location at Watergate Bay and the always efficient Watergate Bay Hotel and the Extreme Academy. Plus I have to mention Anton for the always entertaining and informative commentary, keeping the event exciting even when the waves were not happening.

Pic SUP North

Alex Murray. Pic: SUP North

Bluwave SUP are very proud to be a sponsor of this great event and long it may continue.


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