Check out the new August 2019 issue…

The summer issues are here: SUPM supports and gives airtime to the UK SUP scene 100%. And we’re the only mag that does… The latest August issue of SUP Mag UK is available to purchase now…

SUP Mag UK’s August 2019 issue is now alive, kicking and ready to order in print…

Featuring a huge array of stories from across the planet:

The bicycle of water by Corran Addison
Fit for the wave by Pauline and Dirk Herpel
The salt life – Mark Salter interview
SUP neck syndrome by Elaine Farquharson
Acceptance with Real Surfing’s Steve Halpin
Team Pye by Sarah Thornely of Supjunkie
Fighting plastic by Paul Hyman
Paddling the strait – Gibraltar to Africa in record time by James Gracia
10 lakes in 10 days by Julia Kaffka and Anja Mörk
Winging it – First time run of the Naish Wingsurfer
Gear Shed

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  1. Hi SUP Mag,

    Could I please ask that in the future you send your magazine in a paper envelope.

    Thank you in advance,

    Kind Regards

    Dan Lovett


    Boat building – Composites – Marine

    Teaching and Learning Coach

    Bournemouth and Poole College

    The Fulcrum Centre

    Poole, Dorset

    BH12 4NU

    T: 01202 205574

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