Comfortably coastal – Exocet Marlin 12.6ft review

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Exocet’s Marlin 12.6ft is a unique looking beast when laid on the shingle. With its sloping hollowed out deck, thick bulbous nose and noteworthy swallow tail it certainly pricks the interest. Billed as an all round sled we were keen to see just how it performed in a variety of conditions – especially as the UK importer had hinted at its downwind capabilities.

Exocet Marlin 12.6ftExocet may be a new name to many, within UK SUP, but they’ve a long standing in other areas watersports and produce quality kit – the Marlin no different.

Vibrant fluro yellow livery ensures the Exocet positively glows when on the water while the ergonomically designed handle gives a comfortable grip for getting to your chosen put in. Moderate weight gives the Marlin a planted feel and a little bit of experimentation will be needed to find the board’s sweet spot during paddle strokes.

On flat water the Exocet cruises around efficiently; the bow riding quite high rather cutting through. The board’s shoulders are quite thick and create a slight roll from side to side but once this is gotten used to it’s a relatively stable ride. Heading into open water, and a bit of breeze, the high riding nose comes into play again as it floats over chop. Railing the board over steeper troughs was the best course of action to avoid ‘slapping’ as those thick shoulders project off the back of swells.

Huffing downwind is where the Marlin’s fun factor ramps up. While not a specific ‘runner’ machine it’s a lively ride and a responsive sled when gliding on a roller. Hanging off the swallow tail, the Marlin feels quite surfy in nature and coastal paddlers will love its manoeuvrability. To test this further we swapped out the stock Exocet fin with something more responsive. Low and behold the turny nature of the Marlin increased which would give advanced paddlers something to focus on.

Exocet’s Marlin is a good flat water stick for coastal paddlers who like a lively ride. While not the fastest SUP on the market its manoeuvrability and responsive nature, across bumpy water, will keep intermediates and advanced paddlers more than interested.

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Exocet Marlin 12.6ft

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