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Coros Apex Pro is the first smart fitness watch that I’ve used properly. In the past, I’ve been dubious as to such products’ robustness due to the nature of what I do. With all that tech on your wrist, for me, it needs to be super rugged to cope with the multiple ins and outs of the water each week. I’ve had supposed tough watches in previous years fail after only a short time.

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

I’m happy to say the Apex Pro stands up to the rigours of watersports and then some. I’ve been testing it for a while, and no issues encountered, even with big smackdowns after wiping out on waves, foiling or windsurfing. Plus, it looks like the part with a neon yellow silicon strap and the ability to funk up the watch face display by mixing and matching.

In terms of functionality, the Coros Apex Pro has several fitness routines based around watersports, including two windsurf settings and two paddlesport settings. Once in motion, it’ll measure a whole host of data, including calorie count, heart rate and so on, but also pick up on live weather data where applicable. When back at the ranch, you can then peruse your stats via the Apex Pro itself or connected Coros app. 

The app and watch are intuitive to use and give snapshot data with more in-depth statistics at the press of a button. It’s fun to see how fast you were paddling and check this against Google Maps, for instance. There’s also the ability to connect to some third-party apps like Strava, adding more functionality. Of course, with this being the modern age, all this is sharable to social media.

Being a smartwatch, it also tells the time and connects to your smartphone and lets you know of incoming calls and texts. Plus, a couple of other notifications if you need them. Within the Apex Pro’s interface, you can manage just how notifications you’re happy to receive.  

I love the Coros Apex Pro. It’s very applicable to me as a multiple watersports rider and covering other disciplines, and you don’t need to be a fitness junkie to get the most out of the watch. Likewise, if serious training’s your thing, then it’s a nifty little tool to complement your workouts. Being able to check back after each session and judge performance is fun and interesting. The only slight niggle is accuracy relies on the wearer. So unless you’re bang on it, I wouldn’t take readings as gospel, instead merely a guide. For instance, I sometimes forget to stop the routine (and vice versa, hit go). Nonetheless, it’s an awesome bit of tech that suits stand up paddlers and other active types alike.

Price: £449

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