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RRD’s SUP line have been gaining a steady stream of followers over the last few years in the UK. Choosing not to go down the route of having a lengthy rosta of team riders, instead it’s been an organic process with the company’s superior attention to detail, styling and top shelf designs speaking for themselves.

RRD’s Cosmo 8ft is a big boys’ performance weapon (or lightweights one board only option), with emphasis on stability not at the expense of performance if you happen to find yourself at the bigger-boned end of the spectrum. The 8ft is the smallest stick in the Cosmo line and looks suitably bling while waiting to get wet.

RRD Cosmo 8ft 2015 Pro Heading out to the peak it certainly feels like a lively beast, frothing to bash some lips. And yet, as much as some paddlers may find it a wobbly platform at first, you find yourself stood tall in even the choppiest of conditions.

The Cosmo’s sweet spot for general paddling is located quite forward as the back third tapers quickly into a series of winger rail steps. It takes a bit of getting used to being this far upfront and not burying the nose, but after a short time paddlers will be scouting for drops and hits.

Once at the take off it’s possible to get into waves early although, as the Cosmo is a performance wave SUP, riders will still be better off choosing steep walls to generate speed.

Stepping back on the tail, RRD’s quad fin set up feels super loose – pronounced more by the small skegs protruding from each box. The Cosmo races down the line and just begs paddlers to send it into curling lips or slash the top off one.

Daintier paddlers will appreciate the lighter nature of the pro construction and the easy carving nature of the Cosmo. Heavier riders, meanwhile, will be able to put the 8ft to good use when waves clean up.

RRD’s Cosmo 8ft Pro is a cracking rip stick for those looking to enter the world of performance paddle surfing. If you’re a seasoned heavy weight pro looking for a smooth carving board to take you to the next level of riding then search no more. Good looks, top notch attention to detailing and a ride that will elevate your riding to the next level, the Cosmo 8ft would make a good step down board for bigger boned individuals or one board only for lightweights. Check out the iWave range (that we reviewed last year) for even more ripability.

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Price: £1,441

RRD Cosmo 8ft 2015 Pro

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