Doable step down – Loco 7.10ft (glass)


Loco’s 7.10ft performance paddle surf SUP offers a ‘doable’ step down vehicle for light-to middleweights wanting a sled to rip and shred. With its generous volume and width, relative to overall size, it’s a board designed with Euro waves in mind (i.e. mushy and less than perfect), while remaining a good choice if conditions turn on.

The model tested here came in highly durable glass sandwich construction with an eye catching raspberry spray job – if you’re looking to make a statement then this colour certainly delivers that! Quality and finish of the 7.10ft is top notch, although we’d suggest upgrading the fins to K4 performance rather than plumping for the plastic standards.

Heading out to the take off, the 7.10ft is surprisingly stable for all but the heaviest of riders. It may take a bit of getting used to, if experience of small SUPs is limited, but after a while being proactive about the deck will become second nature.

Loco 7.10ft (glass) Popping over moderate white water is achievable with a brace paddle stroke being employed to keep riders upright, while speed out back is respectable. Once beyond the flotsam riders will need to position themselves in a slightly more critical position to ensure waves are caught. This may take a bit of practice for those stepping down board sizes.

With a steep face bearing down, the Loco picks up waves with ease and a few extra paddle strokes ensure lightning speed into the bottom turn. As with all performance surf SUPs, if you really want to rip then learning how to generate increased speed (by pumping the board up and down) will increase rewards.

Carving is smooth and effortless while off the lip moves are superbly gratifying – especially if timings are spot on to connect with the lip. Likewise, if riders just fancy sliding down the line then this is fine; although consider Loco’s nose rider if you’re erring more along these lines.

Loco’s 7.10ft surf SUP is a real winner for those looking to chuck some spray at their local surf spot. Accommodating a wide variety of paddler weights, the majority will find it best when the waves are standing vertical and clean. Lightweights will have no trouble in mushy waves and neither will heavier but more experienced riders. Carving well, it’s a smooth and satisfying ride and brilliant fun off the top. Check out the brand’s 7.4ft for even higher surf performance.

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Price: £699

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