SUP: Dos mares! – Lokahi Mares 10.4ft x 32” inflatable SUP review

lokahi SUP logoLokahi are pulling out all the stops to set themselves up as one of the major stand up paddle boarding companies worldwide. We reviewed their Concept 7.9ft new school surf SUP last issue and now move onto their all round Mares 10.4ft x 32” inflatable offering. If the manufacturing quality and performance of these two boards is anything to go by then you’ll be seeing a lot more from Lokahi…

Just as with any brand worth its salt, Lokahi are investing in new materials and technologies. With their Mares 10.4ft, Lokahi incorporate Sandwich Dyneema Belt construction. By compressing the deck and hull, the thickness of the Mares has been reduced by 20% thereby increasing rigidity. The result is a stiffer feeling board with a reduced profile – for everything from transportation to manoeuvrability and a livelier feel on the water.

Lokahi Mares hull

The supplied pump is of the new generation type with reduced diameter chamber. This increased air compression allows for a quicker inflation process. Although the Mares is made from single skin Dropstitch, Lokahi’s Sandwich Dyneema Belt construction seems to allow for more PSI than the quoted. We inflated to 18PSI with no trouble and the extra air also aids rigidity. With its supplied thumb screw tightened plastic fin, it’s a swift process getting in the water.

Lokahi make no bones about the fact their Mares is an all round SUP designed primarily with tranquil SUPing in mind. It’s not really a high performance race or surf machine, although the option to ride a few bumps is certainly there. Tranquil floats is where it’s at with the Mares 10.4ft – breathing it all in and the simplistic enjoyment of being on the brine.

Lokahi Mares fin configuration

The Mares’ stability is good with its 32” doing an admirable job of keeping paddlers afloat. The board’s reduced thickness allows the Lokahi to feel planted and this inspires confidence in the rider. Add to the mix good glide and admirable tracking and you have a good looking, well finished iSUP that’s perfect for mellow beach days in the sun or generally frolicking on various stretches of water.

Lokahi Mares inflatable SUP on the water


Lokahi’s Mares 10.4ft is a quality looking vehicle that’s had a decent amount of thought put into it. Rather than being a high performance sled, it’s a board designed to get everyone on the water enjoying SUP for the same reasons we all got into in the first – that feeling of being aloft, standing tall with nothing but a paddle to drive you in your chosen direction. Feeling pretty rigid underfoot, it’ll get beginner sweepers sweeping and everyone else having fun in the sun.

We should also note the Mares’ bag is quality and the supplied 50% carbon paddle isn’t bad for a package sweeper –  everything you need in a convenient bundle.

Price: £919 – includes bag, pump and paddle



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