Palm Equipment Downstream 35L drybag review
Review & pic: Tez Plavenieks

With not even a whiff of PVC Palm Equipment’s Downstream 35L, a roll-top dry bag is a tip-top more environmentally friendly carry than most. With an integrated clear strip to view what’s inside, and a comfortable (removable) shoulder strap, this is an essential ‘lug ya gear about product’ that many paddlers will find favour with.

With additional features like the double-stitched reinforced seams, roll-down closure, D-ring attachment point, and daisy chain attachment points, it’s got a lot of versatility for a dry bag. I found it fit my requirements of carrying wet kit back from the beach, keeping dry kit moisture-free. But others will discover different applications, such as taking it onboard during longer touring missions or similar. To be honest, it’ll fit whatever scenario you care to chuck it at. This is why Palm’s top drawer manufacturing is key…

The Downstream 35L is super high end in the manufacturing stakes. Tough, durable and rugged, it’ll take a hefty amount of abuse and has a good deal of longevity. I’ve tested/reviewed/used some drybags that really don’t last that long. A few months of hard wear and tear at most before they start to shows signs of failing or indeed fall apart. This isn’t the case here with Palm’s Downstream 35L.

As mentioned, the Downstream 35L has a shoulder strap which I found to be very comfortable. I actually used the bag whilst out rambling long the South Downs, and, again, it did the job asked of it fine. And land-based activities apply to the DS just as much as watery scenarios, showing (again) the versatility of such a product.

Drybags and carry alls may initially be thought of as one and the same whatever brand you choose. Still, the fact is there are differences in quality as much as any other stand up paddleboarding product (or product in general). With green, environmentally credentials firmly in place, Palm Equipment’s Downstream 35L roll-top dry bag is an excellent choice for all types of SUPer and land-based outdoorsmen/women to boot.

Price: £40


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