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dryrobe logoIn some ways it’s hard to believe the dryrobe didn’t exist before 2012 as it’s one of those items that seemed to be have been around forever. They are from what I’ve seen at events, the most popular changing robe by far and now seems to be an obvious piece of kit for anyone involved in outdoor sport but particularly SUP.

The dryrobe used as just a changing robe only tells a small part of its versatility, it is adaptable in any situation where you need to keep warm. That may be pre-event, post-event, changing clothes or mooching around the house instead of a bath robe.

Whichever way you use it you will be fully insulated from the elements. It starts with a tough windproof and waterproof shell and finishes on the inside with a very comfy synthetic wooly material, designed to dry you and keep you warm that also feels great next to the skin.

The dryrobe features a good, comfy and well sized hood as well as two large zipped pockets on the outside and a smaller one on the inside, which is two-way waterproof for electronic gadgets/car keys, etc. The zip handles are nice and big – so no fiddling about, which is just what you need for freezing cold hands. The long sleeves have Velcro cuffs to tighten and keep you toasty warm.

dryrobe long sleeve

The one tested is a large size and when I say large, I mean large. However, that’s the advantage because it gives you acres of room inside – it is a portable changing room! There’s also a very large internal pocket for putting smaller items into when changing clothing. However, changing rooms are never small and the large-size dryrobe is bulky to say the least, so ideally, the dryrobe would stay in the car/van/tent and used accordingly.

You may well be spoilt when choosing from the dryrobe website – there are so many colours and short arm and towel version alternatives plus a growing range of accessories.

I found the dryrobe to be the perfect companion for SUP and especially when you start to realise just how versatile it is. On a cold January late Sunday afternoon, you’ll appreciate it and keep it in the car, so if you break down on the way home you have the perfect companion to keep you warm.

Price: £110.00

info: https://dryrobe.com

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