EDT VA’A – what it takes to be the best outrigger paddlers on the planet

The synergy between SUP and outrigger canoeing has been promoted since stand up’s renaissance back at the end of the 90s. After all, it was outrigger canoe paddles which were extended to enable standing and sweeping. Still to this day SUP paddle designers take their pointers from outrigger paddle shapers – some brands even manufacture both tools.

Many of the world’s elite SUPers are also renowned outrigger aficionados – think Danny Ching, Travis Grant and Jamie Mitchell. But what does it take to be the best outrigger canoe team? What are the demands and sacrifices needed to be champions within this ancient sport.

The following vid gives insight into the world’s best outrigger canoe team – EDT VA’A. Watch, learn and take note – this is what it means to be the best.

INSIDE EDT VA’A 13min VOFR Subtitle ENGL from Tim PRUVOST on Vimeo.

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