Efficiency and grunt – Ainsworth carbon paddle review


We checked out one of Ainsworth’s fibreglass paddles last issue so we thought it only right to have a squizz at the brand’s top carbon pole. Ainsworth are a pure paddling company with kayaking experience stretching way back. To boot, they’re also home grown and have their finger firmly on the blade wielding pulse.

Ainsworth’s carbon weapon is a striking beast with narrow blade scoop and high end materials in the mix. It’s light and balanced in the hands and looks mean ‘n’ keen. Stiff pretty much summed up the fibreglass version and this carbon edition continues that theme. From catch to release, you’ll be red lining with maximum propulsion. It’s a full on piece of SUP kit designed for efficiency and no pussy footing around!

The Ainsworth feel is extremely defined, sharp and promotes an adrenalized sensation. It challenges you to stroke faster and get to that mark first – the narrow shoulders of the blade fitting snuggly against the rails of your board ensures efficiency.

It’s no slouch in surf either. Swift changes are smooth and deliver maximum oomph as you drop in. Off the tops are snappy with shaft stiffness translating into full power whip. The paddle’s enhanced grunt helps riders navigate round sections and get out of dicey situations quick smart.

Ainsworth are a brand producing paddles with a defined feel. Not all SUPers will love their super stiff nature but you can’t deny the efficiency and pinpoint accuracy. Great in waves or race/downwind environments, the Ainsworth is a pure performance SUP sweeper.

Price: £199

Head over to www.ainsworthpaddles.co.uk/stand-up-paddles-11-c.asp for more Ainsworth details

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