Endless possibilities – JP Hybrid 11.6ft review


jp Australia logoLooking similar to other touring SUPs, you’d be forgiven for thinking JP’s Hybrid 11.6ft x 32″ was just another run of the mill board in the touring category. For sure the Hybrid’s chop piercing nose ensures flat water enthusiasts are delivered that all-important efficiency and early intermediates will no doubt benefit from the JP’s stability. The magic of this board, however, is located in the rear quadrant.

JP Hybrid 11ftPeel your eyes away from the nose and imagine the bow isn’t there. Suddenly you find yourself gazing at a classic longboard style surf shape. Soft rails run towards a rounded pin tail and if you didn’t know any better you’d believe the Hybrid was an old school nose rider – which it is, of sorts.

Tracking well in a straight line, as long as the bow is engaged, JP’s Hybrid will get you from A to B with ease. Sling a small wave in its way and things switch gears. Riding small to moderate swells with adept ability, the Hybrid really is of its namesake and offers a wide range of performance across multi-SUP areas.

One of the most versatile open ocean SUPs we’ve tried, the Hybrid covers the majority of coastal paddlers’ wants and needs while remaining applicable to those who sweep inland waterways. Downwind aficionados will also appreciate the JP’s wave riding characteristics – especially during moderate blows.

At first glance we thought the JP Hybrid was a standard touring SUP but, while it’s certainly no slouch on the flat, it had other tricks up its sleeve. Drop into some mellow juice and riders will be delivered a rewarding and fun experience. With easy going carving attributes, the JP Hybrid really is a ‘one board does all’ SUP solution for most coastal paddlers.

Further info: http://jp-australia.com/2015

Price: £1249.00 (Also 10.6ft x 31” available for £1199.00)

JP Hybrid 11ft JP Hybrid 11ft

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