Surf: Fake it to the future – WSL aquires rights to The Kelly Slater Wave Co

There’s a lot of interest surrounding The Kelly Slater Wave Co project. After a video emerged a few months ago showcasing its perfect barrel surfers have been intrigued. Man made wave technology isn’t new but Kelly’s version gets pretty damn close to being the real deal, although as he says in a recent news item it’s no substitute for being in the ocean, only a supplement.

In a recent turn of events World Surfing League (WSL) has acquired the majority rights to The Kelly Slater Wave Co deeming it to be a complete game changer for the sport. They said: ‘This partnership and technology will allow for advancements in athlete training, access to surfing for people of all levels and increased fan engagement globally.’

With surfing still bidding for Olympic inclusion this could be a way in – only time will tell.

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