Fanatic SUP success at the Boat Show in Düsseldorf

For the third time now the organisers of the Boat Show in Düsseldorf, Germany (the world’s largest water sports fair), have organised the City Wave SUP contest. In co-operation with Superflavor, they invited some of the world’s best stand up paddlers such as, Airton Cozzolino, Zane Schweitzer, Fiona Wylde, Paulina Herpel and Christian Andersen to compete in the SUP Indoor SUP Masters and/or the Short track Race Masters in the pool.

For Fanatic Airton Cozzolino, Paulina Herpel, Kai Steimer, Steven Bredow and Valentin Illichmann competed in the Wave contest. Airton experienced a shock from the cold temperatures when he arrived and also suffered from a bit of a cold/flu, but still managed to put on a great show including Wave 360s and Pop-Shuvits. While the others had regular practice sessions on Munich´s Eisbach wave or several Indoor Waves, Airton has to get used to the wave again, as he had not surfed it for two years (last year he injured his foot during training). However, already after the second run he was feeling home again: -)  

Christian Andersen

Airton finished first in front of Zane Schweitzer and Paulina finished second behind Fiona Wylde. It was also a great show from the rest of the team – you guys rocked!

On Sunday there was also a Short Track Race in the pool where Polar bear Christian Andersen clearly dominated the race! He finished first in front of Zane Schweitzer and Ole Schwartz – and clearly focussed without any mistakes! Paulina once again finished second behind Fiony Wylde.

Paulina Herpel

Congrats to the Fanatic team and great jobs by Valentin Illichmann, Kai Steimer, Steven Bredow and our support team at the Fanatic stand (including JSUP) – thanks to all!

Airton, “I had a really great time here in Germany. Thanks for inviting me again, it was an awesome experience and a lot of fun – great ‘German’ organisation! And thanks to my German team mates Paulina, Valentin, Stevie and Kai for looking after me.“

Christian, “It was my first time at the Düsseldorf Boat Show and I was really impressed with the size of this exhibition! The race was big fun and I am happy to win and being able to watch the show in the pool after – thanks for having me Germany!”

Fanatic SUP team

Fanatic SUP team

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