Flight attendance – Aqua Inc Hydrofobe 8’2 x 28” x 108L Ammolite surf SUP foil board test.

We’ve spent a lot of quality time aboard Aqua Inc’s Ammolite constructed Hydrofobe 8’2. As a convertible sled, which you can SUP surf in fin mode or SUP foil, it’s a head-turning piece of kit but also one that provides high levels of fulfilment.

Some may be looking at the dimensions and thinking ‘not for me’. And whilst in standard SUP surf mode a 28” wide, 108L board may be a little ‘tippy’ add a big winged foil to the mix and suddenly you’ll find stability is increased and it’s not quite as tricky as you’d imagine.


Initially we wanted to pair with Aqua’s in house A-foil but as that wasn’t available we used with our own. The board’s 8’2 length bucks the trend of SUP foil boards but actually allows much fatter, rolling waves to be picked up far easier due to enhanced glide from its elongated nose. There’s a touch more swing weight than with compact foil board designs once up on foil because of this but it’s not really an issue once riders dial-in.

Having the foil mounted forwards of the tail ensures early lift. Once flying that 28” width comes into play again feeling wide enough to forgive dodgy foot placement yet narrow enough to give a reactive and nimble performance. You’ll be surprised how much different ‘in the air’ riding makes a board feel relative it’s overall dims.


If you’re now to SUP foiling then a board like this is actually pretty forgiving and it’ll help with schooling you in the ways of the foil. Its Ammolite construction is super light, but beware that dings and knocks will get picked up if you’re not careful.

In SUP surf mode, with punchy waves in the mix, it’s a whippy machine that loves rail to rail carving. For anyone into new school riding then it also accommodates nicely.


Aqua Inc’s Ammolite Hydrofobe 8’2 is a worthy choice for anyone looking at getting into SUP foiling. Don’t be put off by the dimensions, instead attach a big winged foil and you’ll be fine. Making even ankle-biters fun again the Hydrofobe has great glide for getting into swell, and up on foil, whilst possessing enough agility to keep experienced foilers grinning. In SUP surf mode it’s a true performance thoroughbred that can be pushed as hard as you like. The only thing we’d add is it’d be nice to see a track foil mounting box underneath rather than tuttle. Other than that Aqua Inc’s 8’2 foil sled is definitely worth a look.


1193 Euro



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