Float (without) your boat – Restube backup floatation review


Personal floatation devices (commonly referred to as PFDs or buoyancy aids) aren’t really the thing in stand up paddle boarding. Ultimately your board is your safety aid, hence why it’s imperative you wear a leash. In surf environments it’s never a good idea to don something that prohibits you ducking below the froth, but as we all know, SUP isn’t mutually exclusive to waves.

Restube backup floatation

There are instances within stand up – such as downwinding – when it might be a good idea to have another form of backup. Search online and you’ll find countless stories of snapped leashes, boards whirling off into the distance and the rider all alone miles offshore. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a product available that could give respite during these unfortunate instances?

And as if by magic, here’s Restube! A nifty bit of kit that packs down to a small pouch, worn at the waist, that inflates (using replaceable CO2 ‘bullets’) with a simple tug of a cord. The blown up tube can then be used to keep your head above water while you rest, catch breath and take stock of the situation.

It’s not just offshore adventure paddlers that will benefit from Restube; those of a nervous nature paddling on any stretch of water can take comfort in having a device that keeps them afloat. Hard wearing and resistant to punctures, the Restube is piece of mind in a small package.

Suitable for multiple watersports, not just SUP, the Restube flotation aid is a nifty bit of kit that can be deployed in the event of rider becoming separated from board. Especially good for offshore downwind SUPers, adventurers/tourers or anyone still building confidence, the Restube float is a confidence inspiring back up plan.

Price: Classic 59.90 Euros, Sport 79.90 Euros

For more Restube info head over to restube.eu

Restube backup floatation

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