Fluidity in motion – VestPac hydration pack review


Keeping fluid levels topped up is vitally important during your stand up sessions – not only for continued performance during races, but also to make sure you don’t keel over from effects of dehydration during general paddling. There are a number of products on the market but VestPac is one currently being endorsed by some of the biggest names in SUP – as such we were keen to check it out.

VestPac’s offering is snug fitting and instantly forgettable once you’ve slung it over your head. Filled with fluid it still remains lightweight and won’t impede paddle strokes. We used it against bare skin, during warm weather, and were happy to note there wasn’t any chaffing against flesh from the material.

The tubing system fits and secures neatly while being easily located orally without the need to use your hands. Allowing the paddler to carry on stroking is an important point as races (if this is your bag) are won and lost if having to faff about with things such as lubrication systems.

If a rider takes a fall then as long as the VestPac has been secured properly there’s no issue with swimming and hauling yourself back on board. This can be an issue with bulkier products that can get in the way.

It’s not just racers that require liquid intake as they paddle. SUPers expend loads of energy and lose plenty of fluid – regular top ups are always needed. If you’re looking at touring and covering any kind of distance then having a VestPac is a wise choice and removes the need for securing bottles to your deck. Comfortable, well designed and efficient, the VestPac hydration system is a winner for pros and novices alike.

Price: £49.95

For more Vestpac info head over to www.surfcom.co.uk/shop/vestpac/packs

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