Double trouble: two foil flight overview

I’ve spent considerable time with two foils with Slingshot’s Hover Glide Infinity 99 2371cm2 and F4 Foils’ Lightwind 2000cm2. Both low aspect foils these puppies allow progression whilst building confidence..

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If you’re thinking of foiling, whether for SUP and/or wing, you want to make the whole process as easy as possible. Your foil choice is super important. It needs to be early lifting, stable at height and get you flying with minimal effort in conditions that aren’t ideal for your regular sled. And this follows on as you progress as time on the water, in cruddy waves or flukey winds, is the main draw with foiling.  

Slingshot Hoverglide Infinity 99 2371cm2

With a whopping 2371cm2 surface area, the Infinity 99 wing is a behemoth foil wing that’s extremely aggressively performing. And by that, I mean it’s as easy as you’re likely to get. 

Slingshot alloy/carbon modular design allows mixing and matching of front wings, foil masts and fuselages to tune your ride moving forwards. To begin with, however, the 99 wing is the one. 

With very little speed, it lifts riders up and offers unrivalled rail to rail stability. If you want to just stand there and glide, no probs. But it also carves well for such a big foil. Pair with the 42cm tail wing for slightly more speed and agility or the 48cm for even more leverage and early lift.

Price: £749 (wing only) £1299 (complete)

F4 Foils Light wind 2000cm2

Another low aspect foil and alloy/carbon mix, the F4 Lightwind 2000cm2 (2500cm2 also available), is billed as a wingsurfing foil. You can, however, use it comfortably for SUP foiling when paired with the 70cm alloy foil mast.

This is another super easy foil that rises early and remains composed in flight. It flies through wind lulls and wave flat spots effortlessly and doesn’t do too badly on the carving front. If you’re in the mind for jumping, then its pop is pretty good. Air time wingers should definitely apply here.

An uncomplicated design, the F4 Lightwind 2000cm2 is possibly the only foil you’ll need for dually flight disciplines. Although if you wanted to add the bigger front wing, you could do so. This has been my go-to foil for 10-12 knot wingin’ these last few months. 

Price: £1300 (complete)

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