Freedom bound – Aquabound Freedom paddle

Aquabound are another company with a long heritage in kayaking and as such know a thing or two about paddles and paddling. Their Freedom adjustable offering is a lightweight carbon shaft and plastic blade affair that’s extremely eye catching in electric blue. A super pronounced dihedral runs along the middle of the blade, to reduce ‘wag’, and the whole package looks like a quality bit of kit.

The first thing we noticed was how forgettable (in a good way) the Freedom is. Once paddling you can almost engage autopilot and let the Aquabound do its thing. Efficient through the water, the dihedral completely minimises flutter and as such you end up with maximum effort to forward thrust ratios.

Shaft stiffness felt moderate and there a slight springy feel from the blade that delivers an easy going nature. It’s a very cruisey paddle and one that all SUPers will love when a chilled out session is needed. Put the hammer down and top speed is admirable, although for greater efficiency you may want to look at Aquabound’s Challenge version which features a higher end blade.

In waves the Freedom is nice and flicky, achieving quick rail to rail changes, whereas on the flat it’s effortless for touring and covering miles.

Aquabound may be a new name to the UK SUP market but their expertise in producing efficient paddles is unquestionable. The Freedom mid-level paddle is super fun and easy going to use, delivering a chilled experience that all SUPers will appreciate. Partner with the brand’s Challenge sweeper for even greater performance across all stand up spectrums.

Price: $139.95

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