Fun times ahead – Hypr Hawaii Pono 10’ x 33” x 190L SUP review

Hypr Hawaii’s Pono 10’ is a classic example of a board displaying dimensions not reflective of its on water performance in any way. For many paddlers reading this a 33” x 190L board could possibly conjure images of a sled that’s benign and unresponsive, more akin to the beginner sweeper. Yet dimensions and looks can be deceiving…

First off is the Pono’s gorgeous looking Applewood veneer which is arguably one of the prettiest finishes we’ve set eyes on. Hypr Hawaii’s trademark hull contours then stand out as per normal with high end fixtures and fittings. It’s also nice to see a complimentary deck pad that sets the off the Applewood. A US box central fin system with FCS side bites rounds out an impressive package.

The fins that come with HH’s Pono 10’ are perfectly adequate for flat water sweeping. If you plan on taking into waves, however, we’d suggest these be swapped for something more performance orientated. This is typical with Hypr SUPs so nothing new there.

Stand further forwards on the Pono once afloat and there’s plenty of stability anxious paddlers will tap into. That said it’s not a lifeless board with a lot of character waiting to be unlocked should riders desire and develop the skills to do so.

Piloting across flat water the Pono displays good all round SUP characteristics that progressing intermediates will appreciate. It’s not a touring board but then it’s not trying to be either. Instead you’re getting a versatile sled that works across multiple environments.

On a wave is where you’ll find the biggest surprise. Hypr’s Hawaiian pedigree certainly shouts loud and proud in the surf with it being a fun board to bunt about your local break. Considering its width there’s plenty of manoeuvrability available which dispels myths about surf SUPs needing to be narrow. Get yourself above the fins, with trailing foot right on the tail, for swooping carves and an admirable level of spray chucking.


Another piece of SUP eye candy Hypr Hawaii deliver their Pono 10’ with plenty of attention to aesthetic detail. But it’s not all skin deep the Pono also being an adept wave performer for those who choose to enter this arena. If flatter seas are your thing then it’ll also accommodate with a lot of fun times to be had aboard.




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