Pure fly – FusionX Nitro Pro 6′ x 29″ x 130L SUP foil board review

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

Specializing in custom/semi-custom foil boards, foils and wings, FusionX dropped their futuristic looking Nitro Pro SUP/wing foil board with us to check out. With its bold colourway and unique, pronounced hull chines, this is a board that certainly stands out from the crowd, and then some!

Hopping aboard, the Nitro Pro 130L has plenty of stability, even for heavyweights. The short length means standing to paddle needs to happen towards the tail, although volume distribution means the sweet spot is still a little way forwards. The concaved deck gives a dependable connection to the board, even when not foiling. Riders have the option of affixing footstraps, but I opted to go without as I prefer a more centreline located, offset configuration.

There’s no escaping the fact short foil boards, including the FusionX, is an absolute ‘mare to paddle any distance. The yaw effect means tracking isn’t exactly in abundance, with lots of corrective strokes needed to keep it moving. But all this is to be expected. Foil boards aren’t created for touring! But it’s worth bearing in mind if your chosen wave is any distance away.

Once at the take-off, it’s pretty simple, using the Nitro Pro’s abundant volume and width, to wait at the bus stop until your peak jacks up. Then with hammer down paddle strokes, riders can oomph it onto a wave. And this is where those funky hull contours come into their own…

Paired with the appropriate foil, the FusionX hull aims to break surface water tension as early as possible, thereby giving release to lift and hover. In the blink of an eye, riders are flying over water. When turning, the clearance between board and wave remains, even at lesser foiling height, because of the side cutouts. And should you dip down, then touches are split-second affairs, the Nitro Pro shedding water to pop back up easily. 

FusionX’s Nitro Pro 130L is the most progressive SUP foil board I’ve tested to date. There’s no messing about here; it’s a foiling or nothing sled. But it makes the whole thing easy and super fun. Beginners will improve quickly, whilst advanced flyers can dial in whatever move they feel inclined to perform. For me, it allows the riding of waves that are barely breaking and helps increase time on the water considerably. If you’re thinking SUP/wing foil board, then you’d do a lot worse than one of these babies.

Price: From £1295

Info: https://foilshop.co.uk/product/fusionx-custom-nitro-pro-carbon-foil-board-wing-sup-surf/

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