Land paddle: Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’ – Gary Evans reports from South Coast Roll summer edition 2016

Gary Evans reports from South Coast Roll’s summer edition which took place at Goodwood race circuit on August 21.

Last weekend we loaded up the car with land paddles, longboards and scooters and headed off with an excited family for the summer edition of South Coast Roll. In its fifth year the SCR is held at the beautiful Goodwood motor racing circuit and organised by John and Clare from Everglides Ltd. The track is the only classic circuit in the world to remain entirely in its original form and oozes nostalgia from the moment you enter the gates. Thanks to John and Clare its 2.4 miles of smooth tarmac becomes motor free and transforms into a skaters playground for the day. The bargain price of eight quid buys you five hours of trafficless black stuff to tear up or cruise until your heart’s content. All types of skaters are welcome: quad, inline, skateboards, longboards, scooters, heelys, in fact, anything with wheels (as long as it isn’t motor powered or pedalled). Most importantly for us, land paddlers are welcomed with open arms.

a picture says a thousand words

The latest SCR was on 21st August and as always it had a great vibe and party atmosphere. Land paddlers gathered together in their usual spot at the entrance to the pit lane and gradually drifted on to the track to start their first lap. A steady run down the small hill past the pits gave you a chance to settle in until you hit the first left hand bend where you were greeted by a brutal head wind and a slight incline. Everyone dug deep and paddled on until the next left hander came into sight and a gentle downhill section helped progress. Tree cover gave shelter from the wind further and a short downhill run was carved up before we had to dig in again with our paddles and power up the next hill towards a long flat cruisey section. After giving the cameraman a wave we pushed on making the most of the sheltered track until the wind was on our backs. We then paddled, pumped and carved our way around the huge sweeping curve of the circuit towards the last left hander. The final stretch is the steepest section of the circuit and perfect for long flowing turns from one side of the track to the other until it flattens out, the pits come into sight, and you start the paddle for home.

Mr Gary Evans himself

Back in the pits, and the swapping of kit started, as well as much needed liquids being taken on board. Riders then gradually headed out for another lap and to try a different board and paddle combo. Discussions on gear and techniques continued over lunch and throughout the day as swept in and out of the pits, clocking up the miles. Although the wind made it hard going at times the weather was kind to us and gradually, tanned and weather beaten bodies started to head home or off to hit the water for an evening SUP sesh.

Heading home

A fantastic chilled out day with lovely people was had by all at what has got to be the best skate event of the year. Goodwood circuit is a beautiful venue and South Coast Roll is a must for all skaters. Massive thanks to John and Clare for making it happen.

Parker Kane sweeping about

A lot of the land SUP crew at SCR are involved in wind sports and land paddling has been a no wind gateway activity for them getting involved in stand up paddle boarding. Land paddling is an activity for all ages and skill levels and a great way to cross train or get a quick SUP fix if you can’t hit the water. If you haven’t tried land paddling yet get in touch and we will try and hook you up with someone local for a taster session:

Land paddle melee at South Coast Roll Summer 2016

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