GB SUP and Paddleboard Team 2018

After a successful completion of the International Surfing Association (ISA) qualifiers at the BAYSUP event 21st July, Sandbanks, Poole the following athletes will represent Great Britain at the ISA World Stand Up and Paddleboard Championships 2018 to be held at Ri Yue Bay, Wanning, China from the 23rd Nov – 2nd Dec.

Wanning, home to the renowned point break of Riyue Bay, has played host to numerous ISA Global Events since 2012 and most recently hosted a successful edition of the ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship in January of this year. Riyue Bay will once again take centre stage and host the world’s best SUP racers, SUP surfers, and paddleboarders in 2018, including for the first time ever, a SUP technical race for male and female under 18.

The team consists of 12 riders and a Team Manager. The disciplines for the ISA World Championships are gender equal and include: Distance & Technical SUP, Distance & Technical Paddleboard, SUP Sprints and SUP Surfing.

The team includes some internationally established riders and some young guns eager to make their mark on the international scene.
Jack Coop at the 2017 ISA World Championships won the Copper medal for the Paddleboard Distance Race. This year he took part in the famous Molokai2Oahu Race. Jack is aiming to improve upon his Copper medal this year in China.

Marie Buchanan has been racing on the international scene since the first ISA World Championships in Peru and has qualified for every World Championships since, always improving on her performances and mixing it up with the world’s best. In Denmark Marie finished 14th in the SUP Distance Race and 15th in the SUP Technical Race. Marie has qualified for the Distance, Technical and Surf SUP disciplines for 2018.

Aaron Rowe has moved through the ranks having been BUSPA SUP Champion as an Under 16 year old and has maintained that status into the senior ranks being the 2018 British Champion in both the Technical and Distance race. In 2017, Aaron was ranked 47th in the World and also was 9th in the ISA World Championships in Denmark for SUP Surfing. Aaron has also qualified for the SUP surfing.

Aaron Rowe – SUP Distance /Technical / SUP Surf (Channel Islands)
Ben Pye – SUP Distance/Technical (Devon)
Marie Buchanan – SUP Distance/Technical/SUP Surf (Devon)
Ginnie Odetayo – SUP Distance/Technical (Cornwall)
Jack Coop – Paddleboard Distance (Cornwall)
Nick Ayers – Paddleboard Technical (Norfolk)
Holly Henderson – Paddleboard Distance and Technical (Dorset)
Tina Beresford – SUP Surf (Cornwall)
Matt Argyle – SUP Surf (Devon)
Ben Moreham Under 18 – SUP Technical (Hertfordshire)
Elle Veale Under 18 – SUP Technical (Cornwall)
Team Manager David Ferguson (Channel Islands)

The Team itself is self funded and has no Government support. Team members are actively engaged in fund raising events attracting sponsorship for the Team. Travelling to China with Paddle and SUP boards requires complex logistical arrangements which incur extra costs along with all travel costs for the Team. For a team of twelve competitors and one manager to travel to China will be approximately £15,000 to £20,000. Any support towards this will be greatly appreciated.

More information please contact
David Ferguson for and behalf of BSURF/BSUPA/GBSUP
Channel Islands Surfing Federation
Jersey, CI
T +447797726496

For all media enquiries please contact
Sarah Thornely

GB SUP and Paddleboard Team Crowdfunding Page

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