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We’ve been fortunate enough to try a number of different Nah Skwell models over the past few issues. With R&D taking place in ‘real world’ conditions, Nah Skwell kit suits the masses rather than a specific individual or location, so offers performance that a wide range of SUPers can unlock. The 8.10ft Get Up is no different.

The demo board we got to jump on features 2014 graphics. Although 2015’s model boasts a livery upgrade, the overall shape and construction remains the same. The profile of the Get Up 8.10ft looks fairly wide and it’s a board that will appeal to those seeking a stable ride for surf. At 30” it will give piece of mind to those dropping down a board size for the first time or anyone paddling in choppy/less than ideal conditions.

nah skwell Get Up 8.10ftJumping aboard, Nah Skwell boards have a very definite and precise feel. We stated back in our very first issue (when we reviewed the brand’s 10ft Longboard) that the nose rider would be the hardest easiest board you’ll ever use – mainly due to an initial wobbly sensation before the ample secondary stability kicks in. The Get Up continues this trend, which certainly isn’t unnerving and gives a composed and rewarding ride, revelling in positive rider input.

Board shapes these days now let you paddle a size smaller than you would have previously. So if you’d been considering a +9ft Nah Skwell you should check out the Get Up 8.10ft before coming to a conclusion. Heading out to the SUP Mag HQ peak it’s a pretty quick glide, for a surf SUP, which loves the momentum to keep on building. Nippy around the break, it deals with positioning quickly and allows riders to focus on the job in hand – wave riding!

Picking up swells early, it drops in quickly and can be banked into progressive turns that swoop and glide round sections, hunting out that next lip bash. With riding somewhere between shortboard and longboard style surfing, it’s a great tutor for those looking to progress in waves and will help paddlers develop the fundamental skills for more aggressive ripping.

Manufactured in Nah Skwell’s full wood sandwich (OSSE), the 8.10ft Get Up comes supplied with a Glass US central fin and a pair of MT thruster fins. Although we’d quite like to see FCS or Futures fin boxes for even more tuning options, we understand the strong Mini Tuttle boxes fitted do make sense for a range that is also intended to be windSUPed. (There are many MT fins also available). The deck pad is super comfy and as an all round surf SUP the Get Up 8.10ft is bound to put a smile on rider’s faces.

Nah Skwell’s 8.10ft Get Up is an all round surf SUP/windSUP that loves an open face and a carveable liquid wall. With plenty of float, stability and glide for tentative paddle surfers, it’d make the perfect intro board for those heading into waves for the first time. If you’re on the bigger boned side of the weight spectrum then check out the 9.6ft. More experienced paddlers will find the 8.10ft a good slack wave or choppy surf shape that will deliver bucket loads of fun all session long! Look at the 7.10ft if you’re after a similar feel from a smaller model.

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Prices: £879 for ‘wood reveal’ or ‘fully painted’ in blue/fucia.

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