Give me wood – Fatstick Bamboo Tourer 12ft review

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Touring SUPs are the ‘all terrain’ boards of the stand up paddling world – designed for versatility and various water states and conditions. Performance, yes, but more applicable to those who want a board that’ll take them everywhere and cope with the majority rather than specifics.

Fatstick Bamboo Tourer 12ftFatstick’s new range of stand up boards include their 12ft Bamboo Tourer. Minimalist wooden veneer good looks and ample thickness under foot suggest a mellow cruisey ride. The nose is rounded down to help with aerodynamics and deflect air up off the bow. A thinned out tail gives the FS a degree of looseness relative to its size.

Pushing through chop is an efficient process with the board’s sweet spot slightly further back than you’d imagine to keep the nose from diving. Tracking is pretty good although it’s a fine line between not burying the bow and causing too much drag from tail hanging.

In rough conditions the Fatstick’s composure is guaranteed with plenty of stability to inspire confidence. Generous 30” width also forgives dodgy footwork and allows time for riders to correct mistakes.

The most surprising aspect of the Fatstick 12ft was when pointed downwind and sent off on a few runners. It’s always good to mix things up and see just what kit can do – in a downwind scenario the Bamboo Tourer performed well. Gliding true it picks up bumps and as long as you sit right on the tail, to prevent pearling, it slides along efficiently.

Small wavelets are doable, although the thickness of the FS means setting a rail can be tricky, whereas flat water sessions are bliss – the 12ft cutting through glassy conditions effortlessly.

Fatstick’s new line of SUPs, including their 12ft Bamboo Tourer, continue to service paddlers with affordability in mind – plenty of bang for your buck gives punters a well finished quality product. The 12ft is ideal for those who mainly SUP on flat or sheltered water, yet in complete contrast also makes for a good introductory moderate downwind board.

Price: £799

Further info : or call 07791 076537

Fatstick Bamboo Tourer 12ft

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