Give winter the boot – Hey Dude Shoes UK Vigo work boot review

Hey Dude Shoes have been warmly welcomed by the UK’s SUP fraternity – the company’s Farty shoe becoming an instant hit. With a raft of quality, comfortable footwear it’s not hard to see why.

Dipping thermometer readings are just around the corner so it was timely we got hold of the brand’s Viigo fur lined rigger boot – billed as the perfect pre or post session foot hammocks for keeping tootsies toasty.

Hey Dude Shoes UK Vigo work boot 2

The first thing you notice is just how lightweight these boots are. From a distance you’d expect them to be on the heavier side – after all, they appear typically boot like. But not so, feather weight pretty much sums up the Hey Dude Shoes UK Vigo rigger boot.

Manufactured with a waxed leather upper, waterproof lining – complete with faux fur – and soft suede trunk they certainly seem up to the job of withstanding harsh winter conditions. In fact, the Vigo boot was designed specifically for the UK’s off season – a definite tick in the box and proof Hey Dude Shoes UK are focused on delivering products suited to this neck of the woods.

Feet slide effortlessly into the Vigo – similar boots can be stiff around the ankle and warrant a degree of forcing. With the Vigo the access is that of slipper – easy and quick – another plus point. After all, when you’re changing ready for a SUP session, or getting ready for the après, who wants to be hanging around in the cold, especially with wet feet?

Once fitted the boots are extremely comfortable. A soft squishy sole delivers the sensation of walking on air. We mentioned slippers already but for such a heavy duty looking duo of work boots they do feel like a pair of old faithful’s. So much so that we were happy to sport these whilst lounging indoors – next to a roaring log fire of course.

It’s worth pointing out Hey Dudes Shoes Vigo boots are warm – VERY warm to be more accurate. During balmier days our feet were on fire. Have no fear though as they’re breathable and your feet don’t get too sweaty. The furnace levels of the Vigos do lend themselves to more single figure thermometer readings and barefoot post session wear. They’re very applicable for those frosty stand up paddles – winter dawn sessions in particular would see the boots put to good use.

Hey Dude Shoes UK Vigo work boot

It’s not just at the beach these Vigo boots work either. For such lightweight footwear they’re pretty robust and offer adequate support and protection across rugged and uneven terrain. Obviously they’re not full on technical walking tools but they do hold their own. The sole of the Vigo is pretty grippy, which would be good for icy conditions as well.


Hey Dude Shoes  Vigo boots aren’t all they appear. Super lightweight, yet able to withstand harsh UK conditions, they look smart and yet offer a practical footwear solution for UK SUPers. Tough, yet ruggedly comfortable and extremely warm they’d be a great addition to winter wardrobes. If you have a penchant for off road rambling then the Vigo is also worth a look. They’re fit for moderately extreme terrain and the price won’t break the bank.

Price: £89


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