Got wood? – Redwoodpaddle Spoon 10’ x 28” x 115L 2020 (Pawlonia) longboard surf SUP test.

There’s something about woodies… And we don’t see too many pure wood SUPs, minus deckpad, within the world of stand up paddle boarding too often. So hats off to Redwoodpaddle on that front alone. We’ve tested previous versions of the Spoon – the French brand’s high performance longboard surf SUP – so couldn’t wait to lay hands on this machine.

Supplied with five fins – a larger centrally located powerbox fin and four side bites – riders can either tune as a quad or thruster. We’d suggest if you want to hang a few over then you may need a slightly larger fin for a more locked in feel. The 10’ Spoon, however, is more about new school performance longboard SUP surfing than traditional plank walks.

Having waxed the Spoon at length stepping aboard gives a typically low to the water experience. For many the quoted dimensions may seem a little on the smaller side, yet the board’s 10’ length offsets some of this and gives a more planted feel than if aboard a shorter SUP with similar volume and width. Glide is efficient, with paddlers able to cruise out to the take off having located the standing sweet spot. The deck is slightly rolled so some sweepers will find offset foot placements best.

For a lower volume/width sled the Spoon’s glide allows pretty early take offs, and in less ideal surf also. We were chuffed with how easy it was to pick up waves and the Spoon’s speed ramps up quick smart. For surfers who have less than ideal conditions that’s a great thing as it means more sessions using your performance longboard sled.

Dropping in the Spoon bites hard as you engage the rail. It’s a fulfilling experience observing the water sluice off during carves. Even with 10’ of length the board’s swing weight doesn’t really prevent riders throwing it about. We’ve said it before in the past but longer, performance surf SUPs can easily cope with short board surf moves so should definitely be considered. Off the tops, reos and lip bounces are all possible with Spoon. And if you do fancy a spot of toes over action then it’ll accommodate also.


With uber good looks this is a board that’ll grab attentions on the beach that’s for sure. Displaying poise not necessarily reflective of its dimensions the Spoon 10’ x 28 x 115L will be more usable than you’d initially think. You don’t need quite the cat-like balance of some SUP s in similar category allowing the Spoon’s wave shredding prowess to be unlocked without hassle. The Spoon’s pad less deck only adds authenticity to the whole surfing experience.


890 Euro


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