Grass roots river clean up, SUP style, with Dan Taylor and family.

Dan Taylor got in touch regarding the good work him and his family have been doing along their local stretch of water.
‘Just wanted to share a few pics with you guys, from our local river clean up.
Myself and my family have been paddle boarding for  the past 7 years and we constantly moan about the state of our rivers where people discards bottles and various other rubbish along our route. My kids are now at an age where they have their own boards and after watching the documentary A Plastic Ocean decided to try and make a difference.
We spent Friday Feb 16, 2018, collecting plastic from our local river. We’d like to share our story and to try and get other paddle board users to do the same along their own routes. Even if they pick up just one piece of rubbish it all helps in the fight against plastic and pollution.
We have some beautiful routes that we paddle on, so giving something back just may help our future and to also promote the positives of SUP. Thanks for listening.’

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