Grip and performance – RRD iWave 8ft review

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RRD’s iWave is a super fun bit of kit for anyone who frequents good punchy waves with a bit of oomph. Relatively stable for a board of 103L x 28”, any competent to advanced stand up paddle surfer (up to 85kg) should have no trouble riding the iWave – although the heavier you are the more challenging it’ll be.

rrdOn clean swells it’s always best choosing the path of least resistance through the flotsam – rips and channels will make lighter work of getting out back and it’s no different with the RRD. The bigger boned rider may even consider paddling prone to get over white water humps if there isn’t a defined pathway.

Once past the breakers it’s fairly easy to position yourself accordingly. Sweepers with heavy footwork will need to adopt a ballerina-esque demeanour and learn to keep their weight firmly over the centre line when taking off. If you don’t then it’s a dunking I’m afraid – clumping your size 12s about is a no, no…

The iWave responds well to pumping and taking off early is still easy to accomplish on this small stick – something which performance surf SUPs can lack. Once up to speed the true colours of the RRD really shine through. You can crank off the bottom as hard as you dare – even with small fins the tail locks in, grips and slingshots you back up towards lips with some serious speed. Whatever manoeuvre you choose next is your call – how far do you want to push it, that’s the question?

Layback cutties, lip smashes, airs or sick gouges, it’s all possible with the iWave. Those who love to slide a bit of tail may be slightly disappointed as the grip of the RRD is phenomenal. At no time did the board feel like it was going to slide out, giving the rider even more confidence to push the envelope.

There’s no denying the fact that RRD’s iWave 8ft surf SUP is a serious swell slaying machine. Unfortunately, due to weight restrictions, it isn’t for everyone. Those middle weights with adequate skills should be able to unlock its potential while lighter sweepers will benefit from the throw about nature. Grips like stink and drives through turns like a good ‘un – if you’re after a high performance oriented surf SUP then this could be it! Big boned rippers should look at the Antoine Albeau designed Cosmo SUP range for heavy weight stand up paddle surf performance. shop/i-wave-classic/ shop/i-wave-pro/

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Prices: Classic starts at RRP £849 Pro starts at RRP £1299


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