Groovy glide machine – Blu Wave 14ft Race review

BluwaveBlu Wave’s Race 14ft is surprising to set foot on initially. With a quoted 26″ width, you’d expect a board like that to be as wobbly as a wobbly thing at a wobbly party – yet, not so. Cool, calm and composed is more the case – a point that should instil confidence in even the most tentative of paddler.

Blu Wave 14ft RaceThe Blu Wave 14ft is an extremely groovy machine. By groovy we mean that it literally cuts a groove through any sea state, eating up flotsam and chop – the board’s sharp nose piercing with ease. Akin to a slender super yacht, it’s hull tracks beautifully with dart-like accuracy focused on the target ahead and little deviation experience. Great for when podium sights are firmly set.

We’ll not lie; the 14ft Blu Wave isn’t the lightest race sled, but this isn’t a bad thing. Being manufactured in bombproof construction ensures that momentum builds from the off with only the bare minimum of paddle strokes needed to get from zero to redline. Combine this with the Blu Wave’s tracking and you have a superior distance machine.

More of a flat water, or moderately choppy, water state racer, the Blu Wave could be a devastating weapon for those with skills. We’d recommend it especially for anyone considering endurance – the board’s monumental glide helps to fight the pain of distance paddling.


A supremely stable and confidence inspiring ride considering the narrow 26” width, Blu Wave’s 14ft Race is a sled built for even the most nervous SUP racer – especially those who love to chew up the miles. Arrow-like procession and effortless glide across increased distances will see this stick become a favourite of any endurance paddler. Buoy turning is admirable and aft stability helps to tutor the lesser skilled, however sprints and turns aren’t the Blu Wave’s forte. Wind it up, set it free and glide like a pro!

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Blu Wave 14ft Race

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