GT by name GT by nature – RRD Granturismo 12.6ft review

rrd logoIt goes without saying that stability is key within SUP. Even those choosing to ride paddle boards that many find unfathomable (think small surf SUPs or technical race machines) need to be able to balance on the thing. We tested RRD’s Tourer last year and the brand’s Granturismo carries forward the trend. Still available with super sexy wooden looks, although we’re reviewing the Classic, the GT is stability encompassed and a composed ride is a given – even in the roughest of sea states.

Having said it before, we’ll say it again: touring SUPs (for want of a better phrase) offer efficiency and performance to ALL paddlers – beginner to improver. The difference with touring boards, when compared to all rounders (round nose boards), is that they do the one thing we all paddle most the best – flat water. As much as waves or downwind conditions are desired, we are at the mercy of weather systems and if we want to maximise brine time then paddling the flat will have to be sufficient during some days.

RRD Granturismo 12.6ftRRD’s GT is no different. Displaying top drawer glide characteristics, it’ll get you to your destination with ease and you won’t even realise how you got there – such is the easy going nature of the RRD. While certainly being able to glide on a few rollers, there are other stand up paddle boards that have better agility. That said, the RRD is effortless and rewarding; especially if the wind picks up. Having built up speed, the GT’s momentum carries it forwards to its final stopping point. You just have to decide where that is…

Worth noting is how good the GT is when riding lacklustre breaking waves. While not particularly carvey the degree of rocker up front means you can accurately set a rail and glide along slow moving walls. In summer surf this might be the most fun you have in waves!

If you’re a racer in the making then we’d also suggest jumping on a board like the Granturismo, as its stability will help when perfecting those essential buoy turns. Great practice for when you step down onto your race sled.

A super composed and effortless touring board to paddle RRD’s Granturismo is extremely easy to simply jump aboard and go. Even with its stated 28″ width chop and waves never have a chance of knocking you off. The slightly scooped out deck drops rider centre of gravity down while progressive glide cuts through the water like a knife. If you need to get out on small junky surf days, but can’t be bothered with your tippy surf SUP, then RRD’s GT would also be a good weapon for the day. Just make sure you’re well clear of other riders as a marauding touring board isn’t ideal in the impact zone. Would make a great fishing SUP as well.

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RRD Granturismo 12.6ft

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