Happy New Year – a note from SUP Mag UK

So there we have it: 2015’s been and is now almost gone. Looking back across the last 12 months SUP has continued to grow with ever more paddlers hearing the call and heading for a float. Some choose waves, others feel the competitive fire burning inside and quench that thirst with racing. Many prefer just to be at one with nature and embrace the feeling of being outdoors while an ever growing portion of UK SUPers are tackling new and uncharted waterways – both inland and at the coast. Whatever your chosen discipline of stand up it’s all good. There’s no right or wrong and it’s this versatility which makes the sport so captivating and alluring – feel the glide, in whatever form it comes.

With 2016 hovering on the horizon it’s tempting to make a few resolutions. For our money we’re sticking with the following.

Get out paddling whenever you can

Try something new within SUP

Enjoy your time afloat

Smile – this is fun!

On that note, all of us here at SUP Mag UK would like to wish everyone a happy and prosperous New Year. Have a good one and we’ll raise a glass to you all at midnight. See you on the other side!

The SUP Mag UK team –  Anne, Pete and Tez


Pic: Fanatic SUP International

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