Hot stepper – Loco Logger 10’6 x 31” longboard surf SUP test.

Pics: Nick Kingston

For a few years SUP brands have been keen on delivering a true longboard experience to stand up paddlers. It’s a tricky prospect as SUPs by their very nature are long boards, unless you’re talking sub-8fters. And then there’re the styles of longboarding. Do you subscribe to performance longboarding or the more trad, trim and nose ride version?

Loco SUP need no introduction as they’ve been featured many times in SUPM. Always with a keen eye on all variation of SUP surfing the brand’s Inca longboard SUP is now replaced by the 2020 Logger. In its bigger sizes, at least, there’s more leaning towards the trad end of the riding spectrum. Having said that it did come with two beautifully crafted fins – a dolphin shaped one and a thinner, more swept back skeg based on older nose riding versions – which allows a degree of ride tuning.

On the water Loco’s Logger is stable but reactive. You can feel how it likes to be on a rail and trimmed accurately even across the flat. Sure enough this is the case once on a wave.

Picking up swells early the Logger rolls in giving riders ample time to set their line. Proactive footwork yields best results, the Logger adjusting its manner with riders walking the plank. The more trad shape fin bites and locks in making for easier toes to the nose journeys. In contrast the dolphin shaped skeg offers a looser ride, albeit still with trim and glide in mind.

Moves, such as off the lips and reos, are possible aboard the Logger 10’6. There’s no question it much prefers hang gliding and plank walks though.

If you happen across a steep sectioned wave or walled up line of swell the Logger really ignites, adjusting to speed lines and able to be swooped and arced as if on a pillow run snowboard style. That said junky conditions are still applicable with riders finding fulfillment aboard the Loco if conditions aren’t super clean.


Looking resplendent in Pawlonia wood finish Loco’s Logger 10’6 feels like a step up and performance evolution on the former Inca range. Being more trim, glide and zoom type sled will see it finding favour with traditionalists and riders wanting to tap back into the source. Hotdogging is the Logger’s forte even though you can bang in a few critical turns also. Having two fin options is a big doff of the cap and with the rest of Loco’s 2020 line looking equally polished we can see the Logger and other designs appearing on beaches soon.




Loco SUP

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