Hover joy – JP Australia Foil Slate 7’8 IPR 2020 SUP foil board test.

Pics: SUPM, James Jagger

This isn’t the first time we’ve tested a mutli-discipline sled, in fact our foiling journey started proper atop one.

If you stand up paddle as well as windsurf then you may already be familiar with JP’s Slate concept. One of the original parallel rail, stubby/no nose affairs it was well received when early versions came on the same. The Slate’s tail is more rounded than previous whilst its nose isn’t quite as cut off and blunt. Those parallel rails are still in attendance but for 2020’s Foil Slate 7’8 x 29” x 111L there’s also a track foil box.

With windfoil, SUP foil, windSUP, SUP surfing and now winging watersports have never been so interlinked. A one board only solution may therefore be just what the doctor ordered. Yet what makes a good foil board doesn’t always make for an efficient ‘stuck to water’ stick.

We tried JP’s Foil Slate in all guises and have to say that we were thoroughly fulfilled by its overall performance. Coupled with large winged foil, such as Neil Pryde’s Glide Surf Large that we used here, and the foil wing itself serves as a stabiliser. At 86kg there’s no issue getting the 7’8 tracking. Even if a tad choppy so don’t be put off by the 111L volume.

As mentioned above the Foil Slate best suits a larger winged foil to make use of smaller waves. That said it likes a swell with nice shape to stomp the take off.

With a few pumps of the sail/legs lift is achieved with minimal fuss. The Glide Surf Large wing doesn’t pop straight out of the water, instead it rises gradually allowing riders to accurately locate their feet on deck. Once up on foil it’s a smooth sensation. We were using the Glide foil with a short mast so there was a degree of undulation to keep from overfoiling. A slightly longer foil mast will help here.

Meanwhile JP’s Foil Slate remains steady as a rock. It’s a very mellow yet efficient glide. For those looking to pump between wave then this is no problem, if you’ve got the skills/fitness. Use your paddle for a higher hit rate here, all the time the Foil Slate staying composed.


JP’s Foil Slate is a joy to pilot. Some readers may think 111L is a tad on the lower side of volumes for their foiling yet because of those parallel rails and 7’8 of length the Foil Slate remains composed at rest. As well as SUP foiling there’s also the option to windfoil, which is super fun, and of course wing and windsurf/paddle in standard mode. All in we loved the Foil Slate 7’8 and highly recommend you check it out as a one board multi-discipline sled.




JP Australia Foil Slate

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