Trigonometry – i-99 Volare 6’8 x 28.34” x 130L convertible foil board

Trigonometry – i-99 Volare 6’8 x 28.34” x 130L convertible foil board review

Review & pics: Tez Plavenieks

I-99 may be a new name to many although we’ve featured their products before in SUPM. For 2021, however, i-99 gear’s being imported and sold by MCC Marine.

Convertible foil boards tick many boxes and hold much appeal. Being able to switch between flight disciplines is desirable. The Volare’s selling point I’d being able to turn a hand to SUP foil, wing foil and windsurf foil. Riders also have the ability to ride with straps or without, which combined with plenty of foil tuning options makes it a versatile bit of kit.

In SUP foil mode the Volare’s shape, with pulled in rails reducing the standing area (yet keeping the wetted surface fairly generous) means foot placement needs to be considered – especially if it’s choppy. In contrast, once up on foil this element of design gives complete control rail to rail and offsets the board’s overall dimensions making it responsive and nimble. 

Six-foot, eight inches may sound short in SUP terms but for a SUP foil sled this is actually quite long. As such there’s a decent amount of glide that allows foilers to progressively come up in foil rather than having to pump from the off. 

Gliding along at altitude swing weight is minimal ensuring the glide is effortless and comfortable. The Volare’s billed as an easy to access foil sled, which sort of suggests beginner. Not so, however, as it’ll suit many different types of riders and stay the distance in terms of longevity.

With dimensions just the right side of accessible for all riders (including heavyweights) i-99’s Volare is a fun SUP foil board offering plenty of versatile performance across wing and windsurf flight disciplines as well. If you’re considering foiling then it’ll aid progression and foil skill development. It also looks great, making plenty use of Italian styling.

Price: €1498

Info: volare-130/

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