In flight – McConks Go Fly 5m wingfoil/wingsurf/wing SUP wing V4 test

Regular readers of SUPM will be aware we were given McConks’ SUP wing V1 prototype a while back. Having tested and come to some conclusions the Cotswolds based brand dived off to tweak. Skipping a few modification models we’re here again with V4.

First off we have to say the colourway McConks’ Go Fly features is much more aesthetically pleasing. The white inflatable struts may get dirty over time but out of the box its blue and white livery really stands out and catches the eye. But it’s not just looks…

The first noticeable update on V1 are the Go Fly’s handles. What once were (in comparison) flimsy types have now been modified to be wider and super stiff. This makes transitions all the more efficient and grabbing hold of multiple hand placements is now dependable.

Adding windows is another big plus – after all vision shouldn’t be overrated! The see through PVC also adds to the Go Fly’s aesthetic. Around the wing you’ll then find a few more subtle changes, such as the inflation valve Velcro covering and the reinforced tips to battle scuffing, and potential holes appearing, should users choose to ride on land in skate wing mode. All in it’s now a much more polished and refined product.

So what about performance? Compared to V1 there’s much more low end grunt that’ll see wingers making use of lighter airs, although the pronounced camber and dihedral gives it decent top end control in stronger winds.

As we move forwards and learn about wings it’s pretty apparent that in light air mode atop just a SUP, without foil, you’ll need an increased centre of lateral resistance, such as a centre board or centre fin (as well as standard fins), to aid upwind tracking. With skill it’s possible to use the board’s rails but most SUPers won’t be coming at this from a windy background. You also need enough grunt to balance the rider in question – give he/she something to lean against. Where V1 was applicable to 18 knots we found with McConks’ GoFly 5m V4 you can drop this a tad to a consistent 15 knots. If foiling is your thing then you might get away with 12 knots with good technique.

One of the big benefits to winging is how light these engines are. As such if you’re new to wind sports, or wanting to get your child involved, then they’re perfect. While McConks do a kiddy specific wing the 5m is actually feather weight enough to provide some child friendly fun as well.


As wings evolve the efficiency of their performance will too. For anyone looking to wing SUP you’ll need to consider your board carefully because of upwind ability. On a plus though, McConks’ V4 Go Fly 5m wing is user friendly yet grunty enough to deliver some breezy fun off foil. Pair it with one, however, and you have an efficient machine for SUP foil flights. It’s also a very versatile wing the whole family can use. And don’t forget, you can enjoy some land based fun if you fancy ala wing skate mode – as depicted in one fo the action shots above.




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