In synch – Synch Super Monkey e-bike review

SUPM reviews the Synch Super Monkey e-bike – the perfect SUP accessory.

We know what you’re thinking. What’s a bike doing in a SUP mag? But think about it for a minute. We can’t paddle all the time, so therefore need other avenues to explore during non-sweeping time. And then there’s actually getting to the put in. In these times of environmental consciousness e-bikes – especially when you’re not that far from the brine – can be a greener way to access your paddling spot. So in a sense Synch’s Super Monkey e-bike is the ideal SUP accessory.

Everywhere we went during testing the Super Monkey got so much attention. Not least the fact it’s an electrically powered, two wheel mode of transport. Its funky design is initially what gets tongues wagging and admiring glances. Super fat tyres, chopper style handle bars, the most comfy bike seat we’ve ever set bums on and an easy to use e-motor interface makes it extremely desirable. Did we say about the quick shift gears and ergonomic grips as well? Yep, we were smitten!

But what about the ride?

Straddling the saddle it’s an easy going peddling position you adopt. No leaning forwards like you do on conventional bikes. Instead you’re more upright and, in our opinion, much more comfy. Flicking the electricity on you have the choice of five different speeds to get the rear hub, 250W motor going. Five’s the fastest with the greatest amount of assist. And that’s how to think about it. The Synch isn’t a motorbike, it’s a pedal bike that feels like someone keeps giving you a gentle shove in your direction of travel. This makes it extremely easy to cover distance – more than you probably would’ve done otherwise – and in quick smart time (the SM has a range of 50-70km range with a full five hour charge). One of the biggest benefits the Synch gave is overcoming annoying headwinds. Even with 20+ knots blowing it’s pretty easy to keep the cadence up and be paddle fresh come journey’s end.

There’re a few minor downsides. The Synch Super Monkey is an urban cruisier so there’s not much in the way of suspension. Smooth ground is therefore a must unless you fancy a bone shaking ride. There’s no way to adjust the seat height of the Super Monkey so choosing the right size frame is essential. These really are small things to consider though.


We love Synch’s Super Monkey e-bike. It’s a bicycle that got us riding more, simply because it’s too easy to do. That easy nature also transfers directly to your SUP life – especially if you own an inflatable or purchase the board carrier. Cycling to the beach for a quick paddle never seemed so appealing. You won’t be shattered and your green credentials will be more than intact. Supremely sexy good looks and a price point that’s not too excessive make Synch’s Super Monkey e-bike one to consider that’s for sure!




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