Indestructible sweeping – Fatstick Enduro 10.6ft x 32” x 195L SUP review

fatstick logoFatstick’s Enduro 10.6ft is a recent addition to the Bournemouth based brand’s line up. Featuring indestructible construction (we did test this as much as possible!) the Enduro is literally a stand up paddle board you can throw around and not worry about the consequences. Manufactured from thermo-plastic material you can beat it, bash it, drive over it and even give it to your kids to abuse – the ultimate test of a product we think!

There’s a slight trade off in terms of weight, however, so it’s not the lightest SUP. But FS’s embedded handle is comfortable and ergonomic making less of a meal of carrying than some SUPs. There’s opportunity for three fins to be fitted but most will plump for a single, unless heading for small swells, which the Enduro copes with fine.

Stepping aboard the Enduro is extremely planted and composed. No untoward behaviour ensures a hassle free paddling experience for all – even when confronted by less than ideal choppy water states. Tracking is as you would expect from a 10.6ft round nose SUP – i.e. not the most efficient but fine for the job in hand. Glide is pretty good, the Enduro rolling on momentum following a few short paddle strokes.

A wide square tail makes it a good tutoring platform; those paddlers looking to perfect pivot turns from the tail will have no trouble nailing these skills with the Enduro. Family SUP groups will discover a fun beach toy that delivers something alternative to the usually preferred inflatable options – in some situations a hard board like the Enduro is a better choice than an iSUP.

Cruising around various stretches of water the experience is a pleasant one aboard FS’s Enduro, it’s hard wearing construction once again coming to the fore should riders encounter rocky shorelines where dings and knocks will usually be par for the course. Fatstick’s Enduro 10.6ft brushes these aside like they’re nothing.


Fatstick’s 10.6ft Enduro is a bomb proof SUP that many will like the idea of when considering it’s a board that’ll remain ding free throughout its entire life. In terms of performance there’s nothing surprising on offer – at 10.6ft it cruises well, laps up small waves and provides a fun platform for family frolics in the sun. Bright livery and a smile inducing price point will make sure the Enduro has wide appeal.

Price: £649 including adjustable paddle and leash.


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