Jobe Neva 12’6 x 30” x 381L iSUP

Jobe has always been a premium brand able to deliver the goods regarding its SUP products

Words & photos: Tez Plavenieks

It’s been a while since I set foot on a Jobe stand up paddle board. So it was nice to get a decent whirl aboard the brand’s newly updated 2023 Neva 12’6 inflatable. With refreshed graphics, it’s a crowd-pleaser for sure. But Jobe has also improved the board’s nose by making it wider for additional stability and a more efficient, rounder tail for better water flow.

With my little helper in tow, we set off from Hayling Watersports’ HQ (thanks guys) and navigated a decent stretch of local water. Paddling head to wind whilst being loaded up greatly indicates this board’s performance. Tracking and glide are excellent, with the Neva 12’6 not missing a beat. The traction rail underneath the board’s nose helps keep the board straight and true. Hitting rougher water, there’s a little roll, but with decent secondary stability, it’s not hard to keep upright.

Rigidity is bang on with a stiffening stringer helping keep deflection at a minimum. The heat-bonded manufacturing technology also locks everything in, making the Neva a dependable ride. This is a board for covering a bit of distance, rather than whirling and twirling, although there’s no question that pivot turns can be practised if you wish. 

With downwind bumps in the mix, the Jobe offers a rapid ride, its flatter rocker helping keep momentum and not stall out. Anyone with the skills would be happy in a few bigger lumps, but you’d need to know how to keep the nose high and not pearl. If you’re considering entering your first few SUP races, the Neva wouldn’t be a bad shout to get a first taste. All 2023 Jobe boards have now been upgraded to a 5-year warranty and all come with a QR belt.

Jobe has always been a premium brand able to deliver the goods regarding its SUP products – the Neva 12’6 being a case in point. A very good touring platform that also displays a bit of sporty agility, it can be chucked at more than just flat water for those who wish. Moderate bumps and even SUP races are ripe for the taking with this board, and all with great looks and manufacturing. Thanks again to Hayling Watersports, who helped with this test.

Price: £799
Info: /jobeneva-27-w.asp

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