Economy class (act) – JP Australia Allround Air 10’6 x 32” x 6’ LEC 2019 review

JP Australia logoWe reviewed JP’s Allround Air 10’6 WS Superior Edition last year. For 2019 we’re looking at the brand’s 2019 Light Economy (LEC) version.

Featuring a double layer of pre-laminated Drop Stitch the Allround Air 10’6 is a light weight iSUP that has an all water shape with its hybrid nose, progressive volume distribution and tail shape. Not so much touring board as it is go anywhere JP still draw of touring SUP properties by elongating the front section to increase it’s overall performance. The squared of rear then helps with things like pivot turns. Featuring a screw in fin, with uniquely aft positioned screw it’s a quality product, from a premium brand, that delivers everything SUP promises: fun, performance and fulfilment.

Hopping aboard and there’s plenty of stability yet this isn’t to the detriment of liveliness. Sitting atop the brine, as many inflatables do, it’s an efficient paddler in windless conditions. That drawn out nose really does enhance the board’s glide and tracking capabilities. Should conditions change and the breeze/chop ramp up then you’ll need to hammer down a little more to keep things going in the right direction. That said with concentration and commitment you can still push the momentum on without hassle.

JP Australia Allround Air 10’6 x 32” x 6’

As already stated the 10’6 offers plenty of stability and ‘get out of jail’ free performance should you need to step back and pivot from the tail. If you’re learning the ropes and looking to nail this essential skill then you can’t go far wrong with this particular air board.

Even though the JP Allround Air 10’6 doesn’t have the extra PVC layer of the brand’s Superior Edition line it’s resistant to knocks and scuffs, which will be comforting to know. During forays into tight, rocky inlets it’s confidence inspiring and allows the paddler to focus on the job in hand.

We took the JP for a spin across a few small wavelets and found that it behaves admirably. The board’s deflection does show its face – after all this is an iSUP – but it isn’t to the detriment of your paddling enjoyment. Even though a ‘bump’ orientated environment isn’t the 10’6’s forte it coped well.

If you’re after a well crafted inflatable stand up paddle board, with plenty of attention to detail, and super lightweight to boot, then you mightn’t go far if choosing JP Australia’s Allround Air 10’6 LEC edition. Putting many lesser inflatables to shame it’s an example of a top drawer product that’s designed for fun but not without engagement. Versatility is also on the agenda with the Allround Air being able to cope with much more than simply flat water. If you’re of a windSUP bent then check out the brand’s rig compatible version.

Price: £629 board only; £699 paddle & leash package


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