(Leash) lok’d in – Leashlok Hawaii coiled leash review


Leashlok Hawaii are endorsed by none other than SUPerstar Kody Kerbox – which should tell you everything you need to know about the brand. Their touring/racing coiled leashes are super strong bits of kit that will last an age. Easy to attach to your stick with a quick release system, should you get snagged, that comes off in one swift movement – piece of mind as standard.

Having attached the Leashlok Hawaii to your leg, its lightweight design allows it to be forgotten while you focus on the job in hand – paddling! During distance excursions it never once felt uncomfortable – even after a dunking. Some products can be abrasive against bare flesh when salty and wet but not so here.

Putting the leash to the test in a downwind scenario; there’s enough stretch to not ping back after bailing and it remains in solid contact, even while being buffeted by the wind. Some leashes can tug against joints if not up to the job, whereas the Leashlok Hawaii leash stayed comfy and snug fitting at all times.

It was even taken into small waves – an environment not ideally suited to coiled leashes but one which reveals the true nature and performance. It did its job admirably and while not something we’d recommend, if you find yourself without your surf leash then this will do the job and get you out there.

Leashlok Hawaii’s range of ‘leg ropes’ is impressive. Well manufactured with thought out designs, their leash accessories are a must for all paddlers’ kit boxes. Leashlok Hawaii is distributed in the UK by Remix Distribution.

Price: £26 – £32

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