Lift off! – Redwoodpaddle Spoon 10’ x 30” x 130L XL longboard surf SUP review

This is only the third of Redwoodpaddle’s hard SUPs we’ve actually tested but in terms of what’s on offer it’s one of the most high performance shapes we’ve gotten our mitts on from Chris DeFrance and co. The French brand have recently undergone a few changes in terms of their aesthetics and line up – previously it was RWP’s Phenix fitting the longboard niche. The Spoon is RWP’s stab at bona fide performance longboards and is certainly unique in that respect.

First off riders will notice just how contrasting the nose is compared to the quickly tapering tail. On paper this suggests an aggressive carving ability but with the option of getting toes over if paddlers desire. Underneath the Spoon boasts five fin boxes so riders can tune to conditions whereas up front you’ll discover a pronounced concave under the nose. All in RW’s Spoon 10’ looks like multiple boards in one and should therefore be applicable to a number of different riding styles.

To begin with we used the Spoon in quad fin mode which yielded some interesting results. Hopping aboard and there’s a degree of rocking and rolling due to the 30” width and tapered tail. A more dynamic paddling stance will be needed when scooping for the peak, which is pretty standard on performance SUPs. Tracking is good.

Taking off and riders will need to keep one eye on the wave’s pocket as the Spoon likes power – the more the better. Staying in the sweet spot and carves are fulfilling with a decent amount of spray chucking ability easily tapped into. What was instantly obvious, however, is the amount of lift being generated from the nose. So much so that riding from the tail needs to be done proactively – pumping and accurate trim needs to be given due consideration.

Swapping the fins out for a single sees the Spoon transform into old school logger. For those with skill locking the tail in and edging noseward is a fun exercise. Care should be given to keeping the Spoon flat and true. If you can trim well then there’s no reason why you can’t achieve significant hang time, the Spoon’s lift generating nose helping keep you perched above the brine.


Redwoodpaddle’s Spoon 10’ is a very unique sled designed with specific purposes in mind. For those with skills it’s an efficient nose rider that rewards efficient technique, trim and the ability to get tootsies over. If you’re a more progressive rider, with access to solid punchy waves, then swapping to quad or thruster fins turns the Spoon into an aggressive carver that proactive paddlers will find favour with. It’s nice to see just how much performance can change with a switch in mentality and small fin tweaks. The keen price point should also be mentioned.

Price: 890E (also available as 9’2”, 10’ and 11”)




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