Lightweight efficiency – Aquaite Aqua Pro paddle

Aquaite are a brand that produce natural products with an emphasis on sustainable materials. The brand’s  are steadily gaining popularity and having wielded one of their sticks it’s not hard to see why.

The Aqua Pro is a super lightweight carbon bit of kit that feels almost like nothing is in your hands, such is its delicate nature. This isn’t to say that it won’t take a few knocks; in fact it’s quite the opposite. We used it in a variety of situations and it certainly stands up to what paddlers are likely to throw at it.

The bamboo blade has a moderate dihedral running along the spine, which reduces paddle flutter and makes strokes efficient through the water. A semi stiff shaft is a little easier going on paddlers’ joints while delivering maximum propulsion.

A quirky but really great idea Aquaite have incorporated into their Aqua Pro is the day-glow pink/red accents found on the blade tip and handle top. Most paddles are black and, if you happen to lose your engine in the surf, can be a nightmare to locate. The pink/red colour helps riders locate where their paddle has floated off to and therefore helps avoid a potentially painful situation.

Across flat water the Aqua Pro feels effortless through the drink and allows paddlers to achieve a high stroke rate. Back in waves and the lightweight nature of the Aquaite is perfect for chucking rail to rail and paddle wraparounds are a joy.

Super light and great for a variety of SUP disciplines, although we found it best performed in surf where the paddles throw about nature comes to the fore. Well manufactured with funky details, such as the pink/red paddle tip and handle accents, Aquaite have produced a decent carbon stick that will suit a broad range of SUPers. Also comes as a three piece travel paddle.

Price: £199.99-£299

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