Listen: Chris Kenyon, Central SUP Club founder, talks National Watersports Festival 2017

For those not aware Chris Kenyon is one of the founders of Central SUP Club based in Tamworth. Being part of the sport since the early days he was an obvious choice when National Watersports Festival event organiser Allan Cross was looking for an experienced hand to deliver the SUP element at this year’s gathering.

NWF has traditionally taken place on the south coast but for 2017 moves inland to Rutland Water. For a variety of reasons the National Watersports Festival has had switch locations. SUPM caught up with Chris to get the lowdown on what to expect at NWF 2017.

A bit of background on Chris –


A brief history of Central SUP –


How Chris came to be the NWF’s chosen SUP man –


How the NWF will different in 2017 –


How many people are expected to attend? –


What does Rutland Water offer to paddlers? –


And those still not convinced by stand up paddling? –


How have you gone about spreading the NWF word? –


Plans moving forwards? –


Final thoughts on NWF 2017 –


National Watersports Festival 2017 takes place at Rutland Water, 2-4 June. For more info and tickets hit up


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